What’s Good for Concentration?

Numerous sources will tell you that chess is a great tool for increasing your child’s concentration. When we teach classes of 20 kids and over sometimes we notice that some children are able to concentrate for long periods of time and some are able to concentrate for shorter periods of time. So we ask the question, what’s good for helping your child to concentrate?

1. Sleep

For young children and developing brains sleep is really important. The recommended sleeping time is 9 hours for children. If the child’s brain is rested it’s usually able to concentrate much better.

2. Stressful Distractions

These aren’t just inclusive of TV! Research has found that factors such as fighting and trouble at home, as well as hunger and fatigue can greatly reduce concentration. If children are stress free they’re more likely to concentrate better.

3. Environment

Concentration can be boosted by changing a child’s immediate environment. Factors such as calm music, plants, and lighting are things that can all help boost concentration.

4. Routine and organisation

This is where chess comes in! Games that involve sequence and organisation can be great for concentration. Things like following a set of rules in games or setting up objects in a particular order are fun ways for your child to practice concentration.

5. Individuality

All children like different things and have different personalities. Figuring out what your child enjoys is key to concentration. Children will not be able to concentrate where they are bored or dislike a certain activity, this will also prevent them from trying similar activities in future. Your child knows what they like, if something’s not working don’t force it.