Snacks for Children

One thing we have noticed in some of our classes is that kids are almost always hungry and wanting to snack. Some parents are reluctant to give their kids snacks throughout the day or before dinner out of fear it will ruin appetite.

Despite this snacks can be a great way to help nutrition in your child if given at the right time and the right type! For younger children snacks can often prevent them from becoming grumpy and chucking tantrums, and for older children it can prevent binging at meal times and ensure your child is always eating a healthy amount.

Snacks can also be a valuable tool in helping your child get necessary food groups. If your child refuses to eat certain foods at meal times when they are hungry and asking for a snack you can make sure they receive foods such as fruit or vegetables.

Try and keep snack times consistent though and don’t let your child graze all day as this may create problems with the child being able to identify if they’re full or not.