Saving Money on Back to School

School starts up again in less than a week. If you need to do your back to school shopping check out these simple tips for saving money.

Make Sure you Check at Home

Saving money can be as simple as checking in cupboards and drawers to make sure you don’t already have that pair of scissors or a spare exercise book. You can even turn this into a game for the kids and give them 20c for each supply they find; you’re still spending money but not as much as you would be if you went out and bought it all again.

Check the Op Shop

Sometimes the op shop or salvos will have a stationary supply section. If you buy your pencil case from here you’ll not only save money but also be donating to a good cause, and not to mention you may find a super cool item like a backpack that none of the other kids will have!

Learn to Say No

Children will often want to shop at expensive and groovy stationary shops like Smiggle to fit in. It’s important to remember that a lot of times your child might end up losing that $9 eraser or just getting bored of the pencil with the swirls on it. Your child might be upset to start with, but once the novelty wears off they’ll be happy with their regular byro.

Hand Me Downs

If you have two children in school don’t forget that once your first child heads off to high school they may not even need all of their old primary school stationary supplies. If pencils and pens are still working and pencil cases still intact why not hand them down to the younger sibling?