Overcoming a Fear of the Dark

A fear of the dark is normal among young children, however if your child is showing signs of being truly afraid here are some simple steps to help them overcome it.

It’s always important to take these fears seriously rather than dismiss them. When fears are taken seriously you can then reassure and comfort your child better. Reassurance can be done by simple things like turning on the lights and showing your child there are no monsters present. However you also must be careful not to validate their fears by telling them that these monsters to exist.

It can also be helpful to theme bedtime stories and movies around this; show your child stories about little children conquering their fear of the dark or monsters, a good example could be Monsters Inc.

You can also invest in helpful night time tools such as night lights or even a special toy that your child can hug for security.

It’s also important that your child stay in their own bed so they can work up self confidence. To do this rewards and positive reinforcement can be used e.g. giving your child a treat every time they stay the whole night in their bed.