Making Homework Fun

Children are given a lot of homework and often after a hard day at school they just want to sit down and do something fun. Here at Chess Mates we think that most things can be made fun with the right attitude. Here are some easy tips for making homework more fun for your child


1. Work Space


Children will be more motivated to work where they have a nice working environment. Making a study desk with lots of bright colours and creations will make them more motivated to do their homework.


2. Study boards


Sometimes children lose track of what needs doing as they have a lot going on in their heads. Making a study board with tasks that need doing or even fun drawings can help keep them on track, it’s also quite rewarding to rub something off once it has been finished.


3. Rewards


Children like being rewarded and having something to show for all their hard work (besides good grades). Giving your child a sticker or making a rewards chart can motivate them to homework. Once they’ve completed a certain amount of tasks they can turn it in for a prize!


4. Loud noises


There is nothing children love more than being loud and letting everyone know once they have done something. Allowing your child some sort of noise device that they can use upon completion will make them more satisfied with themselves, just be sure to take it off them once their done!


5. Screen time


In the digital age kids love technology, you can treat children to a certain amount of screen time for each homework assignment they complete!


6. Brain games


You can use a brain game like chess as a fun Segway into homework. The game is fun but also stimulates brain activity and makes your child more likely to focus on the task at hand.


7. Physical breaks


Make sure you allow your child exercise breaks so that they don’t fry their brains. This is a great way to keep the mind fresh, you could even create an exercise routine to be done at homework intervals. This keeps things fun and interesting.