Going for Gold – Sponsors at the Junction Park State School Fete

Fetes are such a wonderful part of school communities and such an exciting part of the year. At Chess Mates we try to participate as much as we can in the lives and communities of our schools and we deeply care about doing what we can for the people we interact with every day. Not only this, but it offers us the opportunity to build networks and close contacts, creating our very own Chess Mates community that we can support and provide for throughout the rest of the year. We care so deeply about Chess Mates message, and breaking the stigma of chess being only competitive. Fetes are just one way we can go about spreading this message.

Junction Park State School is a school community we’ve always wanted to part of. It is such a vibrant community and one that our director Ash knows well. Thanks to the relationships Chess Mates has built, and to the lovely Donna Nicholson, we were invited to Junction Park State School’s Fete this Sunday.

Knowing how vibrant and important this community is, we decided we would go for Gold. As a Gold Sponsor, we feel proud in our support of Junction Park State School and the excellent support they provide to the Annerley area. It is so heart-warming to know that we can help our communities and share Chess Mates with so many at the same time.

So if you want to learn more about Chess Mates, or just play a few fun games of chess, come on down. We look forward to meeting you!