Chess Mates is now a NDIS Registered Provider

Over the past few months, we’ve been trying to become NDIS compliant and now we have been approved as a registered provider in Queensland! Chess Mates began with the idea of bringing the educational tool of chess to as many people as possible to help everyone think more strategically, become emotionally resilient and to help them create change and the NDIS is an exciting beginning to a new chapter.

We are currently under the Innovative Community Participation umbrella and as such are aiming to help diminish social isolation and improve communication skills which aligns greatly with Chess Mates’ mission of changing outdated views of chess and inspiring the concept that chess is more than just a game and aids all with their development and connection as well as emotional resilience.

A massive thank you to Leah, Jess and Amanda for the hours they put in and their hard work. If your child or someone important to you would like to use chess as a way to further their personal NDIS plan goals, please get in touch at We’re excited to begin this new chapter for Chess Mates.